Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treasure Trove!

As I posted yesterday, I was lucky enough to come across a nice haul of Bridgestone parts at the Paris rally.  It only came about because I happened to strike up a conversation with a fellow who had other Japanese parts.  As I say, 'If you don't ask, you don't get!'  Here is the breakdown of the haul.  I am hoping my newly found Bridgestone friends can help with some identification. Not shown are a very nice set of bars and a nice 90 tank I am stripping down.

Dual Twin Headlamp, Taillight and steering damper! the rest?

Wee piston! 

This definitely shaved a piece off of my budget, which is of course great news!  I am going to start making a new seat from this.. some marine vinyl and a dream! 

My reasons are two-fold.  First off, seat covers don't really exist for these and secondly, I've wanted to make my own seat for years. The old sewing machine has been dusted off and through trial and error I hope to have a lovely pleated seat.  I will document my progress here in the coming days...

Last bit of news today, I took the tank of the smaller Bridgestone and stripped the paint around the serial number.  Here is what I found, but have no clue what it means....Stay tuned! 

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