Monday, June 10, 2013

A (Bridge) Stone's Throw away

Please excuse the break in posts, I took the weekend off to get married!  In respecting the fact that this is a bike blog, I won't go into details here.  I will just say I feel blessed and loved and it truly was a beautiful weekend.   How about the night before you ask?

 The bachelor party, the last night of freedom?  Drinking? Hmm....tempting.  Den of inequity with a dimly lit, glitter covered stage and a pole or two? No thanks.  If you're me, there is really only one option;  Drive straight from your rehearsal dinner to load two badly neglected 2 strokes into your rented van.

 As you recall, I recently visited a fine fellow who had corralled a herd of vintage Japanese bikes.  When I left empty handed I knew I would inevitably return.  In fact it haunted me the whole ride home.
Which one (s) would I go for?  The pair of Yamaha 'Santa Barbara's'?  Tempting and probably the logical choice.  After all there are two of them, identical except in colour.  This would provide a plethora of spares and minimize the need to purchase extra parts.  Hmm...too easy!

Perhaps this complete but rough gem:

(I would like to apologize for the poor pictures.  My best man and I were in a hurry and the seller had plans, I didn't want to burgle his evening! )

This is mid to late 60's Yahama YM1, a two stroke 305cc.  The same displacement as the venerable Honda Superhawk which would have been the main competition of the era.  Very complete, very restorable and I will definitely help the seller find a good home for it if I can.

After a little research, I decided on this pair of forlorn Bridgestones.  A single 90cc model and a 175cc Twin.

I suppose I picked them up because they were obscure, unloved and very funky in design.  I am guilty of being romantic when it comes to bikes.  I see them as much more than what they actually are;  I see history, a time capsule, relics of a bygone simpler age.  I see these machines as something that need to preserved, rescued and loved.  I will elaborate more on these bikes as I shed the years of grime and dust that has found a home on them.  Stay Tuned! 

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