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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barn Finds....Literally!

What a beautiful day for a country drive. This afternoon I responded to an ad in the Niagara region for a small collection of vintage Cl77's.  The seller turned out to be a master mechanic and all around nice guy who had just built himself a beautiful CB350 that looked showroom worthy. Many of the components were home built or adapted from other machines, however the work was seamless. After talking about his lovely creation for a bit, he led me to a barn of bikes he had to purchase as a package to get the one bike he wanted!    These included several 2 strokes, all from the 60's...Yamaha and Bridgestones in addition to the Honda's. The CL77's were too far gone for me unfortunately, but a great parts source for someone.  There were a couple bikes with potential  namely a solid 305cc Yamaha and a pair of YA6's (pictured below).  I came home empty handed (This time!) however I made a new friend and was glad that I had retained what I had learned about these machines over the years.

Of course any afternoon where you see old bikes, feel the sun on your face and smell fresh air is a good one. With the owners permission I share some pics with you....

Here is some history on the Yamaha YM1:

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  1. It was great to meet you and nice to see someone who shares the passion for vintage motos. Good luck on your quest.