Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Product Review: Eastwood company abrasive buffing wheel

After watching Craig Jones (of On Yer Bike fame) use a giant scotchbrite wheel to clean up fork tubes, I knew it was essential kit for my garage.

I looked high and low and found very few options outside of Britain and those I did find were pricey.

While not the exact same item, Eastwood fortunately offers a tool that does the same job.

Eastwood Abrasive Wheel

At only $19.99 (USD) I took a chance and had it shipped to my US Address.  Initially I was disappointed to find the center hole was too big for my 6" Ryobi bench grinder.  I was also a bit surprised that it didn't come with any mounting hardware.   Not to be defeated, I bought some cut off pipe from a local supplier (Metal Supermarket) and made a sleeve/adapter with the help of some old washers (Never throw them away!).

Some shots of the wheel, with makeshift adapter

The wheel itself is quite wide, probably about 14" across, comprised of four separate pads held together at the center.  The individual pads have waves in them, presumably to keep them working together whilst spinning.  You will notice (as I did) that they act as a propeller to send your grinder into flight!   Bolting your device or at least securing it down is probably a very good idea.

I haven't used this wheel for long or for very much.  However from what I have seen, it is incredibly impressive!

I pulled a crusty old Triumph center pipe from the shelf and had at it.  Within a single stroke, it was better than new.

Some of these shots aren't the best but the results speak for themselves.

Do I recommend this product?  Absolutely.  This will eliminate hours of elbow grease for a very low price.  As a matter of fact, I am excited to use it again to banish the ravages of time!

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