Friday, May 11, 2018

My YouTube Channels of choice....

I am a huge fan of YouTube.  The idea that anyone, anywhere at anytime can create, edit and produce media for a worldwide audience is fascinating to me.  Growing up in a different era, the very idea of it would have been the stuff of science fiction.

That being said, there is a tremendous amount of dross that one must sift through to find gold.

Here are some of my top choices, which are in no specific order.

On Yer Bike

Presenter Paul Brodie travels to various bike shows around Britain, focusing on the custom scene primarily.  Many of the segments feature builder Craig Jones, a talented blacksmith who does some exceptional work.  The above video details the making of a hand-made licence plate frame for an Enfield.  While chopped bikes are not my favourite thing in the world, the presentation is great as are the production values.  

Britannia Motors 

Micheal Waller is an ex-pat who runs a small restoration business in Upstate NY.   Luckily for us, he has taken the time to document some of his work step by step.  If you are new to restoring British bikes, this is a great place to start.

Ed Willson's 1968 VW restoration

This video is a classic and a must see if you are contemplating the restoration of a Beetle.  With over million and half views, you may have already seen it!  Filmed and edited by son Max, Edd walks us through the process from beginning to end.  The car itself was up for sale (and presumably sold) for an eye-watering $15,500 USD.  The Willson clan have recently 'adopted' a worse for wear Austin Healey Sprite.  These videos in my opinion are the real stars, showcasing Edd's amazing fabrication skills. 

Hackaweek's Honda CB750 Restoration

Host Dean Segovis brings high energy and comprehensive detail to these restoration videos.  A CB360 is currently on the bench taking form as a scrambler which will no doubt prove as entertaining.

Mustie 1 

Apart from the over-use of the term 'Barn Find' (a term that needs to die for a while, much like 'patina') Mustie 1's videos are excellent viewing.   With a tremendous passion for anything mechanical, he will take on any project in an attempt to make it run.  This includes motorcycles, drills, cars and defunct generators most of which are found at yard sales.  Apparently he was offered a reality series, however the terms were less than desirable.  Good on him, as the last thing the world needs is more 'reality' shows.

Shedbuilt Dave

Shedbuilt Dave provides exactly what his name would imply; (To be clear it is unlikely Dave himself was created in a shed, but one never knows!) A man named Dave in his shed, building bikes.  For the home restorer Dave makes for an excellent mentor.  He utilizes rudimentary tools and old fashioned methods to create alchemy.  While I greatly enjoy Dave's work, I hope that one day he will invest in a better camera.


Lunmad is something of a quiet legend in the Triumph motorcycle community.  While his methods occasionally create a stir with the 'purists', the 'impure' have greatly benefited from his efforts.  His  humble and amusing presentation is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes maddening world of restoring old iron.

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