Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pure West!

I am very happy to have my parts back from the powder coating shop!

While debating the colour scheme for a few weeks, I settled on a very lustrous dark blue that the shop just got in stock.  I was thinking about the fact that this was a machine from 1966 and wanted to somehow incorporate a theme from that year into the bike.  To me, there are few things that scream 1966 more than Batman.  Like so many, I grew up watching Adam West as the caped crusader and loved every minute of it. 

What better tribute than a paint scheme based on his costume? Should I add a yellow tool box to complete the look?  Have to stay tuned on that one.

I am very pleased with how the seat is shaping up;

I shaped and cut the foam and used spray adhesive to hold it together.  If you are attempting to do this yourself, get plenty of the little clamps as shown here.  The adhesive should dry overnight or for at least 4-6 hours for best results.  Make sure the mating surface is nice and clean as well, something I learned the hard way in having to redo the gluing more than once.  I ended up stripping the whole surface with a wire brush.

Here is the the first fitting:

Pretty good so far!  There are a couple areas that have to be built up with foam, but I am confident that this will be fairly easy.  I picked up some very neat pieces to solve my trim dilemma that I think will look neater than original.  more to come....

Last update and the one that I am least pleased about.......

The Soda Blasting shop did a fantastic job on these and they look better than new.  They also did it for less than quoted and I will certainly use them again.  However, it appears that the chrome bore in the right cylinder is damaged and has actually chipped.  While it is minor wear, I am securing a back up set of jugs from a friend.  I can't complain, as one should always expect some surprises when building a bike.  I am going to get the forks done next and clean those wheels up.  That way when the engine is ready, I can drop it right in the rolling chassis.  Expect more progress soon! 

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