Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good Blokes Abound!

Sorry for the lapse in posts,  Have been very busy lately with a combination of work and family time.  I came home on Friday and found a very nice package in the mailbox!

This is a an original Bridgestone factory tool, specifically a clutch stopper.  This was gifted to me by a new friend from Australia who is a fellow Triumph and Bridgestone owner.   Although he and I email back and forth regularly now, I was a stranger when this was offered without anything asked in return.

This speaks volumes about some of the amazing people you can meet in this world (of bikes).  When you have had a bad Ebay deal, or it seems everyone is out for a buck something like this happens.

This tool will serve me well in two ways; The first is the obvious use for which it was intended.
The second will remind me of the brotherhood amongst those of us that share this passion.  At the end of the day, it is about these machines and their roles in our lives.  This is a deep connection that is shared around the globe.  We understand each other by understanding why we do what we do.

Thank you my friend, for keeping the code alive, one decedent of Empire to another.

Had to run out to the transfer station on Saturday, (they offer free metal drop off) and get rid of some parts I was tripping over.

It always makes me a bit sad to throw things away, but this stuff couldn't be saved.  The bars were bent out of shape and the mufflers were rusted through and dented.  Fortunately I have a very good set lined up and hope to order them next week.  

In other news, it's time to have a closer look into the Dual Twin motor.

Dirty!  But in amazing shape.  The rings are tight, there is zero scoring in the barrel or on the piston.  Only some carbon deposits on the sides, but nothing overwhelming.  The crank seems to have little wear and rough measurement would tell that everything is in spec.   I see there is plenty of oil in the engine, relatively clean oil at that.

The barrels and top end were not coming clean enough for my satisfaction.  Here is a tip, don't leave parts in a hot bath of aluminum brightener for too long.  The solution went black and pretty much dyed the parts.  Lesson learned.

I then thought I would take another approach, the dishwasher.

This was a detergent free wash.  Dishwasher soap contains abrasives that can destroy the aluminum finish.  While this helped some, it didn't do the job to my satisfaction.  I have decided that I will have these soda blasted, something I could do at home but its a tremendous hassle.  My Michelin MCX6 compressor was a birthday gift from my father and it is a great hobbyist tool.  Not tremendously powerful, but handy.  I have painted furniture and done some sodablasting before.  It left a mess and it was difficult to get an even flow of media.  Here is the method I used, courtesy of the VW enthusiasts (handy lot, those guys)

I will probably build a cabinet and have a proper go one day.  In the interim, Outsourcing will likely be the best option, depending on price.  If it is too outlandish, then I will give it another go.

In the next post, we will crunch some numbers!

 I leave you with the astoundingly awesome words of Japanese Batman.

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