Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Scrambler bash plate modification

If you have a skid plate/Bash plate on your Scrambler as I do, it would have come equipped with 4 allen bolts to hold it in place.  Allen bolts are nice and handy and feature prominently on modern Triumphs.  They are usually easy to deal with and require a tiny tool you can carry in your pocket (or side cover).

However when an allen head gets stripped it is a tremendous pain to deal with, especially if said bolt is in an awkward spot.

This happened to me recently when an underside bolt securing the plate to the frame became stripped and seized.  I was able to get the other three off and removed the plate by unhooking (slightly bending) the mount from the rail.

It seemed a good idea to come up with something more practical while making the plate more quickly detachable.

I had these leftover from my shift lever repair, so I cut them to size and installed them.  Now if something does seize up, at least I can apply an impact driver.

Looks very nice from the front!

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