Wednesday, June 27, 2018

CVMG Paris meet 2018

I should open with a confession;  I arrived at the show on Saturday when the gates opened and was only able to stay until 9:30 due to a prior commitment.   Any comments or critiques are based on what I saw during this time, not the whole day/weekend

While there was quite a bit to see, the field seemed sparse compared to years past.  Could this be a sign that there is a downturn in the hobby?  

The dominant presence took form in older Japanese bikes a trend that seems to be carrying forward from past years.  Bikes that were usually front and center in years past were curiously absent;  The Broughs, the early Indian built in Toronto to name a few.  Not a single Matchless in sight either.  

Interestingly, there were at least 4 Triumph TRW army bikes for sale, all complete and running and all under $5,000.   I have always wanted one, but I more than have my hands full!  Here is a great article about them should you be curious;

I have heard stories of crated examples being available through Army Surplus stores into the early 1990's!   

I spent a total of $28.00.  I bought some old handlebars, a brake rod (possibly Norton) and a very interesting battery box which looked Prewar.  

I was told that these were Czech made (Jawa/CZ) and sold through Eaton's department stores.

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