Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The life of an Alvis apprentice, circa 1956...

While cleaning out my father's home late last year I felt incredibly lucky to discover these intact documents from six decades ago.  It gives one a very clear snapshot of not just the era but the expectations employers had of their apprentices.  This legally binding document, makes clear the position of the employer as master and apprentice as willing servant and keeper of secrets (and the faith).

It really is a beautiful document to hold, the high quality of the paper has not dried or faded in any way.  The wax seal and watermarked paper are also in impeccable shape.   Of course, I would expect nothing less from a company like Alvis, that produced some of the most beautiful luxury cars of the time.    That wasn't their only line however, they also produced aircraft engines and armored vehicles that are still in production.  Very recently the Alvis name has resurfaced in automotive production (on a small scale) crafting and recreating past classics.  I encourage you to peruse the site, if you are a car buff you will likely find it as inspiring as I do.

I scanned the following document to the best of my ability;  The form is on the large side with rather deep creases in the center.  I will likely re-scan the middle section again,  For now, here it is.

While I had hoped to find more documents from my father's time at the factory, none have turned up yet.  I am, of course happy to be able to share this one with you.

Until next time....

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