Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scrambler winter checklist....!

So the time has come. My beautiful Katie has a few miles on the clock and now needs some freshening up.

I have already started the process by ordering another set of superbars (chrome) from NewBonneville.    These are what I have grown accustomed to over the last 5 years, the stock bars not working for me and my makeshift solution too cruiser-like.

Now what?   At 32K it is definitely time for chain and sprocket replacement.  The teeth are starting to wear and I have noticed the decrease in output to the rear wheel.   I am looking at the following kit:

Scrambler chain and sprocket kit

Cost:  $264.00 Canadian

Rear shocks;  Mine aren't exactly worn,  however I have noticed a decline in sharpness.  Also, some patches of rust have formed on the chrome....Not acceptable!

Hagon Shocks

Cost:  $290.00 Canadian

New Seat

Cost:  $400.00 Canadian

My poor old seat cover is fading away and starting to lose a bit of shape.  I intend to keep going  into my golden years and frankly comfort can be an issue on long rides.  I like the look of this one and the reviews are good.

Cost: 160.00 Canadian 

The one I have now has some scratches and is plastic.  It looks the part, however I have longed for a polished item since the day I brought her home! 

Total costs:  $1114.00.   Needless to say that will have to be spread out over several months.

Other jobs?  Bleed the brakes and fill with new fluid, oil change and spark plug check.  I will also do some detailing and finally get that damned dent pulled out of the tank!  I have started and made some progress but it takes a lot of work.  

Until next time....

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