Thursday, February 18, 2016

Updates and more updates...

Ah, the Throes of February;  Generally for me the low point of the year.  I only get a couple days of work a week,  the weather is poor and my garage unheated.

I am very pleased to say that this year has been far less trying;  With the low Canadian dollar, selling of parts has gone better than usual (unfortunately not so much for buying) and the weather?

This was taken a week and a half ago..

Unfortunately the weather hasn't quite held to this high standard, but the reprieve was more than welcome.   That quick blast through the country side with Katie has me smiling, even as I write this.

I will never be able to say enough about how wonderful these bikes are.  I can't think of anything else on the road with the level of style, performance, reliability and fun for the money.  While I choose to remain mostly stock, the custom possibilities for modern Triumphs are seemingly limitless.

All told it was a good year for riding,  She turned over at 29,000 on my sister's birthday back in December.   If you have read previous posts, I have explained the connection so I won't go into it here.   She passed away at 29 years of age and to see that number on Katie's Odometer on that day  I know she is still with us.

Very little was required maintenance wise this year apart from an oil change, new rear spoke, new rear inner tube and rear disc.   These are all items that are par for the course, especially when you commute daily as I do.  This spring she will be getting progressive fork springs (something I bought years ago, misplaced and have found again) fresh oil all around and fresh brake fluid.

I also need to consider some new rear shocks, at the moment I am leaning toward a set of Hagons.

Some high grade cleaning products to enhance and preserve the black engine casings and frame are also on the list.   I've been doing research, primarily on the Triumph Rat forum and some Harley forums.  The general consensus is that this stuff is best:

I believe I can get it locally and will post the results once I have given it a go in a couple months.

Onto the VW!

With the help of my very good friend, (who is wary of Online media so no names or photos used) we have acheived an astounding amount work:

Here is the current state of affairs:

Here is a quick breakdown of the work (off the top of my head)

- New Floor welded in
-New heater Channels welded it
- Various patch panels applied 
-New front clip welded in
-4 cleaned and repainted wheels
-New tie rods 
-New front shocks installed

My friend will be taking the car to his property to finish the welding work in the spring.  I have all the parts required to finish the work including a brand new wiring harness.  I hope to be driving in primer at least by September!  I am thankful to some great people on The Samba forum and for the holiday sales (with free shipping) from  

Next entry we will cover some new exciting projects and new rust removal techniques.  

Stay Tuned! 

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