Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring.....Is that really you???

Ah, the sun....

I have vague recollections of how it felt to have you in my life;  I remember the warmth of your embrace, your kisses on my cheek first thing in the morning.   I am making it official,  Winter:  it's over.  I am officially filing for divorce and going back to my true love!

After a long dreary winter I am ready to return to two wheeled glory and share some other (indoor) hobbies that I have picked up to stave off insanity.  I have decided it best to document these things in separate blogs which I will share in the near future.

Plans for April involve (finally) putting the 175 back together into a roller, and hopefully finished by the end of the season.  I also plan on getting Katie some progressive fork springs installed, oil changed and fresh sprocket and chain.

Looking outside today it all seems possible,  let's just hope the bad weather doesn't come crashing in again to spoil the party!

Stay Tuned.....

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